DIG.Z.M – tool length sensor with magnetic connector

This device is mostly used for a mesurement of length of a tool by CNC machines.

The sensor has sensitive optical, triggered by pressing a sensor surface.


Main parameters

Power supply5-24V
Switch typeNC – normally closed = output is active, when sensor is NOT triggered.
— or —
NO – normally openned = output active, when sensor is triggered.
Output typeNPN – switch to GND
— or —
PNP – switch to power supply
Cable length1m, 2m or 4m


Wire colorSignal
Brownpositive power supply


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Storage and transport box for DIG3D.LP.M probe.

Probe is fixed in the box by the soft silicon bed. Box is sealed against a dust.

Body parts are printed by a 3D printer, yellow parts are made from soft silicon.

You can order set of all parts except of printed parts and print the box by yourself.

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