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SMART.MER/2 – smart signal merger with probe guard function

SMART.MER/2 is a device, allows merging 2 different signals to one output signal. Input channels can be configured differently according the sensor type.

SMART.MER/2 is able to generate ESTOP signal, when connected probe is triggered in the unexpected moment. It can protect a probe from damage.

Product video

Main function

  • merge two input signals to one output signal (signal merger)
  • detect, if a device is connected to the input. Based on this information can generate ESTOP, when a probe or TLS should be connected and it is not, or can disable channel, when no device is connected. It is useful when merging signals from the devices with normally closed output.
  • generate ESTOP, when a connected device is triggered in an unexpected time, when crash or destruction occurs. This function is blocked by dedicated input. This input can be activated by output from a motion control, or manually by a button.

Main parameters


Typical wiring when outputs from a motion control are available (on this picture the output from MC is NPN). Some of motion control software (like MACH3, MACH4 etc.) allow modification of a probing script. Free motion control board outputs can be connected to SMART.MER/2 block inputs, to activate guard function block by a script command.

If there is no free output on a motion control board or it is not possible to modify the probing script in the motion software, block inputs can be activated by a button. Button is pressed manually when probing is allowed. It blocks the guard function during probing process. 


Download full datasheet:

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