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Available tips and touch plates for DIG3D probes

Do you want to select the correct tip for your probe? Just take a look into the list of possibilities and find the best touch tip for your needs.

Basic fixed tips

The basic tips are often used in simple applications or for training purposes. The main benefit is cost/value ratio.

These tips are made from stainless steel, and have 3mm dia touch ball.

Short tip is the most space-effective option. Mostly used on small CNC machines with short Z-axis travel
Long tip allows to touch a surface in the deep objects. It is also often use in combination with lathe.

Fixed ruby ball tip

The main advantage of this tip is robust design and small tip dia. Tip is fixed into the body, and it’s unexchangeable.

Shaft is made from stainless steel, ruby ball has 2mm diameter.

Exchangeable ruby ball tips

Exchangeable tips are suitable for the users, which need to exchange the different lengths of tips often. It is not necessary to open a probe for tip exchange. Probe has M2.5×0.45 terminal, and all tips have M2.5 thread.

The overall length depends on the selected variant. Sensor with M2.5 terminal has 25mm and tips are available in the lengths 16mm, 36mm and 56mm

M2.5 extenders

Extenders allow to use both, the standard fixed tips, and M2.5 screwable tips in your probe.

The shorter one is usually used in DIG3D probes, and the longer one is used in DIG3D.Fix

DIG3D with short (10mm) extender
DIG3D with long (15mm) extender
DIG3D.Fix with long (15mm extender)
DIG3D.Fix with short (10mm) extender


Do you want to use your own tips? It is not a problem. Standard tips usually have M2, M2.5 or M3 thread. Just select the correct thread size for your tip.

Touch plates

Touch plates are mostly used in DIG3D.Fix sensor. You can select from two materials, ceramic plate or stainless steel, and three head diameters, 10mm, 15mm and 20mm. All touch plates have M2.5 thread.

DIG3D.Fix with 10mm dia ceramic touch plate
DIG3D.Fix with 15mm or 20mm dia stainless steel touch plate