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DIG3D.LP.M – 3axis low profile touch probe with magnetic connector

This device is mostly used for a surface digitizing, or as an edge finder and geometry measurement by CNC machines.

Two interface types are available:

DIG3D.LP.M 3wire interface (GND, power, output)
DIG3D.LP.M.SW2wire interface (switch only)

Both versions have identical mechanical part, share tips and spare parts. The difference is in the internal electronic circuit. DIG3D.LP.M.SW version has only mechanical switch. This version is available only in NC switch type configuration. DIG3D.LP.M version has internal signal filter (schmitt flip-flop circuit), dual color LED indicator and offers all output/switch combinations NO/NC, NPN/PNP.

Watch the product video

product video

DIG3D.LP.M connection

Power supply5-24V
Switch typeNC – normally closed = output is active, when sensor is NOT triggered.
— or —
NO – normally openned = output active, when sensor is triggered.
Output typeNPN – switch to GND
— or —
PNP – switch to power supply
Cable length1m, 2m or 4m, (3 terminals)

DIG3D.LP.M wiring

Wire colorSignal
BrownVCC (positive power supply)

DIG3D.LP.M.SW connection

Switch typeNC – normally closed = output is active, when sensor is NOT triggered.
Output typepotential free switch
Cable length1m, 2m or 4m, (2 terminals)

DIG3D.LP.M.SW wiring

Wire colorSignal
BlackNC (normally closed)
BlueCM (common)

Standard accessories and spare parts


Storage boxes and holders

Storage box for DIG3D.LP.M and DIG-Z.M
Storage box for DIG3D.LP.M

Probe holder for DIG3D.LP.M and DIG3D.LP.C

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Product Details

Fixed part of MAG.CON with cable.

Item can be ordered assembled, or in parts.

If you need the custom length, please mention the length of the cable in the order comment.

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