SIG.CONV – Signal converter

Signal converter is used for converting different signal types to the input. Mostly used for changing signal polarity or phase, or for signal galvanic coupling.

Input channel can be configured to any combination of NPN/PNP and NO/NC input type.


Main features

Power supply5-24VDC
Power consumption<25mA
Input current1.6mA @ Vcc=5V
4.5mA @ Vcc=12V
9.5mA @ Vcc=24V
Input polarityNPN or PNP (switchable)
Signal phaseNormal (NO) or Inverted (NC)
Output typePotential – free
Output voltage24V max.
Output current20mA max.
Transitional ON time<20us
Transitional OFF time<500us

Example of wiring


Download the datasheet and see all the details about the product.

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Low profile 3axis CNC digitizer with magnetic connector.

*sealing color can be different (white, blue)

Cable with the magnetic connector is included.

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